fat bottom

fat bottom

Friday, November 14, 2008

So... hello to everyone or anyone who is reading this... my name is becky (or rebecca if i'm feeling sophisticated)... i'm new to this whole blogging scene... but i've been a "lurker" for quite some time, getting ideas and inspiration from some amazing food (especially dessert) bloggers. i guess getting started will be the hardest part... i have so many ideas and i figured this would be a good outlet.

right now i'm a stay at home mom living down on the beach in cape may, nj... i have three year old son, named jack, and my husband and i are expecting our second son, ben, in less then 10 weeks... i'm lucky to be able to spend so much time with my family and also in my kitchen... baking is my passion!

so thats a little bit about me to start... i'm sure as my posts go on, i'll get into more about who i am and what i do...

well... lets begin...

that's my son jack on his 3rd birthday... and as in typical becky fashion i went so overboard with the dessert... i made over 100 cupcakes... i couldn't decide what what flavors i wanted to go with, and jack is pretty much a fan of anything, so i made quite the variety... as you can see...

i made two varieties of cake, vanilla-vanilla buttercake, and a chocolate buttermilk cake... for the frosting varieties i went with a vanilla bean buttercream, fresh strawberry infused buttercream, chocolate fudge, peanutbutter buttercream with chocolate honey, oreo cookie cream and kahlua chip (with plenty of kahlua)... my family is a big fan of the booze-infused cupcakes... what can i say, we like to party!

and this is what makes it all worth while... i mean come on... look at that face... adorable!


  1. Delicious looking cupcakes. Wish I was there! Vikki www.food-self-sufficiency.blogspot.com


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