fat bottom

fat bottom

Thursday, July 19, 2012

jacks mad science birthday party

hey everyone... this weekend we celebrated jack's 7th birthday... after changing his mind like a gazillion times, he finally settled on a theme... mad science... and whats great, is that there is this company that does these awesome science parties for kids... and they totally nailed a perfect party for a bunch of 7 year old little boys... there were lots of loud noises, setting things on fire, rockets, smelly gases, and slime...

now i am ashamed to admit that i was a bit off my game for this party... usually i have everything planned to the second... but i haven't been feeling that well, so i kinda just went with the flow and tried not to stress... so... i stuck to simple decorations, and some fun and colorful desserts... thanks to amazon i was able to order somethings like test tubes and petri dishes to display some of the goodies...

so here are some pictures of jacks party... enjoy :)

cupcakes topped with pop rocks and sour gumballs... and i mean sour gumballs... i felt bad for the kids and all their puckered little faces!!

here's jack, the birthday boy,who was the special assistant of the day
 and here's ben... he couldn't wait to get up and be involved

happy birthday little man... love you to pieces!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

did i forget to mention...

i don't know if i mentioned to you all that i am guest blogging on my amazing and talented sisters blog "jeans and tees and travel and cakes" every friday... well, i try and post every friday... my sister has an amazing lifestlye blog that i sure to motivate you and make you smile... plus she does some awesome giveaways, like really awesome giveaways every lady would love... and stay tuned, because soon we will be teaming up for one hell'uva giveaway...

and also,  a while back i sent in a submission video for cupcake wars... it's not like the typical submission videos that you'll find on youtube, but you know what... it's just me being me... so, below you'll find a link to the audition... and ps... i don't apologize for my corniness!!

 so if you haven't already checked it out, go ahead and click on the link...

heres a few of the things i've posted on her blog... enjoy :)

here's a link to my

have a great monday... and as always, happy baking everyone

Monday, July 9, 2012

a weekend roundup :)

hey everyone... i hope you all are enjoying a wonderful monday afternoon... here's a quick post about my holiday weekend (well week) in new york... it was an amazing week filled with family, friends, birthday parties, a delicious couples dinner in nyc, and just lots of laughs and new memories... enjoy the pictures!!

we celebrated a cute little boys first birthday, my adorable nephew william beckett... he is our family's little firecracker, born on the 4th of july

the adorable birthday boy

here's ben, he likes to party :)
here's me and the hubs enjoying a fabulous couples dinner at the standard in nyc
me and my sisters, meghan and lia
the in-laws... the hubs, lia and kyle
 me and my fabulous cousin jamie
 my little ben and his cousin mackenzie
 my two goof balls
 and me and my sister, meggie

until next time... have an amazing day