fat bottom

fat bottom

Friday, February 20, 2009

time to celebrate... with cake!

so... it's been a while since i last posted... but i have a valid excuse... i finally had my baby!! whoooooo hoooooo!!! ahhh... i'm all a-glow and mushy now!!

i'm pleased to introduce to you all, my little man, benjamin scout perkins... born February 6th at 4:36pm... weighing 8lbs 14ozs, 21 inches tall... (we were freakin shocked at how big he was... we figured he was going to be around 6 lbs since i gained only 20 pounds and i was all belly)... but hey, i guess i grow big kids... his big brother was 8lbs 3ozs, 21 1/2 inches... isn't he freakin cute... ahh... i'm in love!!

anyways... i've been looking for an excuse to bake a certain cake that just makes me drool every time i look at it... it is a perfect celebration cake... and now i had a reason... but, come on, who really needs a reason to bake delicious goodies... not me!

so, the particular cake i am talking about ladies and gentlemen is the cover "art" from dorie greenspans "baking from my kitchen to yours"... and no wonder she picked it... it just oozes yumminess right from the picture... you know what i'm talking about if you've seen it!

so this cake is an amazing combo of fluffy marshmallow frosting and a subtle rich chocolate cake... it just screams yummy party cake to me... or cake you wanna eat on a rainy sunday all cuddled under a blanket with a tom hanks/meg ryan movie on... come on ladies, you know what i'm talking about!
so anyways... i was heading back home to introduce the baby to some of the family, and in typical family fashion there was going to be lots of good food, drinks, and of course dessert! mom had gone to the local bakery, but was secretly hoping i had enough time to bake something (come on mom, do i ever show up empty handed!)

it was so fun to dig into this cake... i can't wait to bake it again... party or no party!


  1. This looks gorgeous but, more importantly, congratulations! Your little man is just beautiful and I love his name! How exciting! Congrats again!

  2. thank you so much! that means alot to me!


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