fat bottom

fat bottom

Monday, June 15, 2009

just messing around

so no real reason for baking today other then the simple fact that i wanted to... you know how it is... and it's been a while since i last posted... i've baked between now and then ( a southern style peach cobbler and a party cake similar to the one i made for my husbands birthday), but i didn't get to take any pictures before we stuffed our faces with them... anyways... as i was saying i was bored... and i wanted to try out some new decorating techniques with all the pastry tips i own, but seldom use... so... here's some pictures... i was happy with the oddly beautiful results...

this one reminds me of something out of a dr. suess book...

this one is my favorite out of the bunch... a mess of awesomeness!

and this one is just pretty...


  1. Very cute! I need to do something like that to see what all my tips will do. Great idea.


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