fat bottom

fat bottom

Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treats!

so it's started... making cupcakes for little man's school... i had flash forwards to bakesales, and birthday parties and the "hey mom, i told the teacher you'd make 3 dozen cupcakes for my class" and i'll reply "okay, when do you need them by?" and then he'll say "today for lunchtime"...
but you wanna know something... i can't wait!
so jack was having his first ever school party, a halloween party... and of course i had to make some cupcakes, actually when i asked the little guy what he wanted to bring in to share, he replied "cupcakes mah"... reminded me of that scene in "wedding crashers" with will ferell... ha ha ha!
so there are so many great ideas for halloween themed cupcakes, from ghosts, cute little witch hats, mummy's and all sorts of creepy crawlers... i was on cupcake decorating overload...
so i had to decide... i wanted to do something cute, and i knew they were going to be munching on all sorts of sweets, so i didnt want to make cupcakes that were smothered in candy... so i went with a simple ode' to a halloween classic... the candy corn... it's as halloween as pumpkins... cute aren't they...
and here they are in one of my awesome cupcake couriers... i love these things...
happy halloween and happy baking everyone!!

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  1. these are adorable! I bet his classed loved them :)


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