fat bottom

fat bottom

Thursday, February 18, 2010

happy 1st birthday ben... and we have so much catching up to do!!

catching up... part #1
happy first birthday ben!

i cannot even wrap my head around the fact that my little man is one... where has the time gone... not to mention that my little dude jack is nearing his 5th birthday.... AHHH!!

anyways... we decided to celebrate my little benjamin buttons birthday up at my parents house in new york... we kept it simple with just some yummy appetizers followed by some sweets and treats... i didn't go overboard like i normally do (like when i made 120 cupcakes for jacks 3rd birthday... a fun time, but a little much!)... so i made just a little showpiece cake and about 3 dozen cupcakes... all in cute baby blues and white...

i also did something new for me... i made a cute little bear out of fondant... and not to get all proud, but i have to say i think i did a awesome job!! what do you think?!

the theme was blankets and bears... the reason... ben is a total blanket baby... he cannot be anywhere without his favorite fuzzy blue blanket (he'll probably be taking it to college with him!)... and one of his many nicknames is... are you ready for the mommy cheesieness... "benny boo bear"... i know i know... cheesie...

and for little party favors my mom made little blankets and attached them to some cute little stuffed bears...

how cute is this little guy... its my first ever fondant creation... i think i might have to start doing this more often!! i just love his expression... super cute!!

happy first birthday my benny boo bear... and happy baking everyone!

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