fat bottom

fat bottom

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a couple of things i have been up to... enjoy!

hey everyone... i'm back! i know it's been a while, but i have been super busy (i think i've used this excuse before... hehe! )
so here's a quick round up of what i have been busy creating in my kitchen...
here's a elmo inspired cake for a little boy's first birthday... i was really happy with the cake (a triple layered chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and cookies and cream filling), but i wish i could have made elmo cuter... i tried giving him some texture, but then he looked goofy... i wish i could have made the elmo i envisioned... you know what i mean... i had this whole idea of how i was going to make him, but i made myself crazy trying... so here he is... not the bestest of elmo look-a-likes... but all in all the cake was cute...

here are some ohio buckeye inspired cupcakes i made for my lovely neighbor morgan... they were chocolate cupcakes, with a rich peanut butter filling topped with a vanilla caramel buttercream... topped with fondant ohio state monograms, and fondant buckeye leaves with buckeye nuts... i thought they came out super cute...

happy baking everyone!


  1. Love the Ohio State cucakes! My hubby is a diehard fan, I will have to steal your idea!

  2. You crazy? Elmo was crazy cute! Go Gators! :)


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