fat bottom

fat bottom

Saturday, August 21, 2010

where i've been...

hey guys! here is a quick post of some of the things i have been up to... just a few cupcake orders i've had... take a peek if you'd like!
these cupcakes are for a young lady's wedding shower, simple and elegant... and hopefully yummy!
below are some race car/nascar themed cupcakes for a guys birthday, he didn't get to celebrate with his family because he was underway, so these were a surprise for him when his boat pulled in home... how sweet, huh?

and finally, here are some cupcakes for a little cutie named mia who was enjoying her birthday, it was a cute puppy theme... i love the color combination they choose... so cute!

i've got more to post, so stay tuned...and as always...
happy baking everyone!

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