fat bottom

fat bottom

Saturday, September 18, 2010

pumpkin maple cinnamon and bacon cupcakes... just for you for lia!

this past weekend was a bittersweet one... my big brother brendan, and his lovely wifey lia, began their move clear across the country to portland, oregon... boo... i mean, hurray for them! :(
i know, i should be happy they are following their dreams, and living their life they want, but i am going to miss them dearly...
so... on the friday before their move, my wonderful parents threw them an amazing going away party... and in typical family party fashion... there was good food, good drinks, some spontaneous karaoke in the dining room, lots of laughs and of course plenty of shenanigans...
these cupcakes were made especially for ms. lia... she's a huge fan of my pumpkin cupcakes, and when my mom had mentioned making cupcakes with some bacon, i decided the combo would just be too good to be true... and i was right... it was like breakfast/dessert/yumminess all rolled into a handheld and portable delight...
so here's to you big bro and sis-in-law... have a safe trip driving across the country to your new home... i'll be seeing you soon!

have a safe trip cross country brendan and lia, love you and miss you already... and as always... happy baking everyone!


  1. Well, I'm sorry for you and your family that B & L are going so far away but excited for me as maybe I'll get you out here more often!! After all, we are only 3.5 hours out of Portland. Tell them that when the feel up to the wine country tour that they're welcome anytime. And you're always welcome to bake what ever you want in my kitchen! These look so freaking' good that I want to cheat a little and make some! If only M wouldn't be affected... oh well, I can dream right? ;o)

  2. I think I'd need to try one before pulling out the frying pan AND cupcake pan. :)


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