fat bottom

fat bottom

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sprinkles :)

hey everyone... check out my sister meggies sweet blog post about our trip to "sprinkles" while in chicago... it really was a sweet little treat... my favorite was the strawberry cupcake with the strawberry buttercream... it was moist, just sweet enough, and had delicious strawberry taste and aroma... and guess what new yorkers! sprinkles is rumored to be heading our way...
here's my sister enjoying a scrumptious cupcake the day before she ran the chicago marathon... oh! and by the way... she has ran 5 marathons already... and she's not even 25! that was her goal 5 by 25... and she did it... sooooooo proud of her :) and if you're up for some fantastic blog reading, follow her adventures over in greece at "jeans and tee's and travel and cake"... miss you and love you meggie :)
happy tasting and happy baking everyone!


  1. Num num num - they look great. Happy Eating :-)

  2. I LOVE sprinkles!!!! Ive only been to the one in Beverly Hills but cant wait for them to come to the east coast!!! (The location is rumored to be across the street from Bloomies on Lex!!)
    My go to flavor is Dark Chocolate!! mmmmm the flat sprinkles are soooo tasty!! I also love the pumpkin one...but they dont make it every day :(
    Always a nice treat when im in LA for work :)


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