fat bottom

fat bottom

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

happy 25th birthday meggie!!

here's a little shout out to my little sister meggie who turned 25 this past week... awww... she's all grown up... so naturally i had to bust out a crazy fantastic cake...
so here's her cake... compliments of me :) and i must say, i captured meggie perfectly...
from her distressed jeans, her raybans, her abercrombie fashion scarf, her camera and her livestrong bracelet... and not only that... she's sitting atop a starbucks cup... just so you know, half of my sisters blood is made up of caramel macchiato...
look at that girl... what a cutie!
and here's the base of the cake... a medal in the livestrong colors... you see, my sister has run and beatsed 5 marthons already... that was a huge goal of hers... 5 marathons under the age of 25... she ran 2 in new york, 1 in boston, 1 in chicago and 1 in seattle... so proud of her!
and here are the cupcakes... i used a new recipe from booze cakes (awesome book!!), the yummy and pretty champagne cake... it was really, really good :) although i didn't add the champagne to the frosting, i just kept it a simple vanilla buttercream... and i thought they complimented each other really nicely (i'll post the recipe soon)

happy 25th birthday to my sister and best friend meggie... and as always happy baking :)


  1. W O W, great cake. I had to LOL about coffee running through her veins.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sis!

    If you celebrate it, hope your Christmas was the merriest! Happy 2011!


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