fat bottom

fat bottom

Sunday, January 2, 2011

who doesn't want cupcakes!

so this christmas, instead of giving out gift cards to my sons teachers, i decided to go a little more homemade... with... surprise! cupcakes! i know i know, thinking way outside the box here!!! :)
so i decided to make a yummy variety of delicious goodies... i made some vanilla chai spice cupcakes, some caramel macchiato cupcakes, some classic vanilla bean cupcakes, some vanilla bean caramel crunch cupcakes, and some spicy hot chocolate cupcakes...
i enjoyed pulling my little butane torch out and toasting these little mini marshmallows, and then to make it "hot" chocolate, i sprinkled them with some chili pepper... mmm.....
well, i thought they were a nice gift... wouldn't you enjoy getting some of these bad boys?
well... as always my readers... happy baking!!


  1. Those look really good.. I like your mix of textures in the box.

  2. YES! I'd LOVE to be on the recieving end of anything you've baked!


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