fat bottom

fat bottom

Friday, April 15, 2011

i'm still here!

hey everyone, i am just dropping a quick line... if you have been wondering where i've been as of late i'll tell you... after 98 DAYS away from me and the boys, my hubby is finally back from california... he was in school getting some coast guard training before he leaves this summer aboard a boat (BOOO!!!)...

and i'll admit, these past few months have been tough, but me and the boys made it through, and i'm proud of us for staying strong (me especially... i've learned alot about myself, about love, and about family)... but as of right now, i haven't let go of the hubs enough to get my tushie in the kitchen :)

but i'll be back shaking it up in the kitchen on sunday baking up some goodies...

so until then... thanks for being patient :)

and happy baking!

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