fat bottom

fat bottom

Monday, September 12, 2011

a goodbye to cape may

hello my wonderful readers...

well... just to let you know, this post has nothing to do with baking... it's a goodbye to what was our home for 4 years, the lovely little coastal resort town of cape may, new jersey...

to the people who have come into our lives these past 4 years, and to the wonderful town of cape may... we are truly going to miss you...

this place has become more then just a 4 year tour living in military housing, its become our home, a place where our family has become the family it is... i will truly miss everything about this place... thanks for all the sweet memories, the laughter and fun, and of course the unforgettable friendships we all have made...

here are a few pictures from our four year adventure... if i shared them all you'd be looking at my blog for days... i hope you enjoy them :)

our coast guard base

jack jack a few days after we moved in

jack jack growing up so quick...

jack saying goodbye to the hubs as he leaves to get underway...
welconing our newest member... benjamin scout

our blue eyed baby boy out and about in town :)

my little loves

summer time cuties!!

benjamin scout... or is that donald sutherland?? haha...

my goofy boys :)

my sister meggie, my cousin jamie and me :)

the hubs and jack jack in our front yard

benny boo

our private coast guard beach

the best view from a kitchen window :)

jack jack

the moving truck... it's hard to believe our whole life will fit in there...

i'll cherish the four years of amazing memories... thank you cape may... i'll miss you :)

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