fat bottom

fat bottom

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a black and white affair

so, i was in the mood to bake, i was originally going to bake some yummy fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls, but alas... i had no buttermilk... so after much procrastination and some suggestions from the hubby (who at first said he'd run to the store for some buttermilk... however, he got sidetracked by his and my sons new obsession... LEGOS!)... i decided to make some vanilla cupcakes with a swirl of vanilla and chocolate buttercreams... i've always wanted to try this swirling method, and i wanted to try it before the st. patricks day parade...

now, i'm not talking about the st. patricks day parade in manhattan or in boston... i'm talking about the crazy st. paddys day parade of staten island, new york... its a day full of fun, food and well... debauchery... think about a 9 by 12 mile wide island, populated with 430,000+ people coming together to celebrate... but the main reason everyone gets together is not the parade, the marching bands, and general merriment... its the fact that the parade route hosts a slew of bars... and it turns into a little mardi gras... half the cops are wasted so, walking with a 16oz. red cup full of fun is somewhat okay...

its my families favorite holiday!!

so, the reason i wanted to try this swirl method is because i am going to be bringing dessert... chocolate guinness cupcakes, filled with a baileys cream center, topped with a jameson infused buttercream that happens to be tri-colored (white, orange and green)... so i needed to practice a little... and heres what i did... all and all, not so bad!!


  1. I love the swirl technique! So do you just put both frostings in the same bag, one on each side and turn the bag as you pipe?

    Buttermilk is easy to substitute for in baked goods. Just use one tablespoon of acid (fresh lemon juice or any kind of vinegar) per cup of milk. Stir it together and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before using. Way easier than trying to compete with Legos! ;o)

    Blessings, LA (your SIL)

  2. yep... i just put a divider down the center of the bag, like a rubber spatula, and then put the frosting on each side and yep, swirl the piping bag... and thanks for the tip for the homemade buttermilk... i'll definatly need to remember that one!


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