fat bottom

fat bottom

Saturday, April 4, 2009

easter cupcakes for the coasties

so, today was a little easter party held for all the coastie kiddies... there were games, 2 bounce houses, an easter egg hunt, crafts, lots of goodies, and a kinda creepy looking "mr. bunny"... the thing was that my hubby didn't tell me until 4o'clock yesterday that we were supposed to bring goodies to share with everyone, you know like cookies, brownies and such... he always waits till the last moment to tell me things... typical man... but no matter, i love to break out the supplies and bake my pa-tootie off in the kitchen... so heres some pictures of the yummies...

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  1. Those are so cute!! I'm sure you got rave reviews! Did you get the creepy Easter bunny to thump Chris in the head for not telling you until last minute? LOL!


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