fat bottom

fat bottom

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what a way to greet the morning!

so... unless you're a complete nutter, there is something absolutely unbelievable about ooey gooey fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls! and i always seem to have a hankering for them, which is a big uh-oh especially now that i'm getting back in shape... (no more baby-belly and swimsuit season is just 'round the corner, whooo0 hooo0!) so i thought about it for a while, whether or not to make them, and well... the devil on my shoulder won...

so to make up a little bit for my lack of willpower, i decided to prolong the inevitable by making alton brown's overnight cinnamon rolls... but this didn't curb my desire to gorge myself, it made it worse!! having to count down the hours until they would be ready was torture! but in the end.... so worth it!

they were so0o0o0o0 good... not to dense, not to cakey... just perfect!

the one thing i altered in the recipe is the cinnamon filling... i added 1/2 tsp. of ground ginger, 1 tsp. of fresh ground nutmeg... and for added fattiness i chopped some dark chocolate (about 2 ozs.) really fine and added that too... it was subtle, but the and spicy-chocolate combo was AWESOME...

i used my cream cheese frosting recipe from my red velvet cupcake recipe, but just halved it... i love frosting, but i didn't want to overload the rolls, and lose all that yummy flavor...

i could not wait to dig into these... i really didnt even have patience to set them up to take some pictures!


  1. Yum! Too bad I don't live close enough to just pop over! Now I'm going to have to make cinnamon rolls this weekend, although not sure mine ever look as good as yours. Have Jack eat one for his aunt. ;o)

  2. hey lady... because of your rave reviews, i'm ordering the vegan cupcake book... i'm excited to try it out!

  3. Yay! I can't wait hear what you think and see your vegan baking! I hope you have as much with it as I do.

  4. My KitchenAid mixer just died in the middle of mixing cinnamon cookies and my son told me it was because I wasn't making cinnamon rolls. You've got some great recipes


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