fat bottom

fat bottom

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sweet blessings benjamin

sweet blessings to my little benjamin who was just baptised this past weekend...
for dessert i strayed from my usual fare of cupcakes, and decided to go with a simple, elegant and of course delicious sheet cake...
the cake was layers of buttery vanilla cake... the middle was a layer of vanilla bean creamcheese buttercream, slathered with a layer of homemade salt caramel and topped with toffee chips... and the frosting was again the vanilla bean creamcheese buttercream...
it was simple, delicious, moist and fork tender... and the combination of flavors was just mindblowing...

look at that cutie... i could eat him up just like the cake...

that's me and my baby... oh how i love him so!


  1. aww so sweet! what a pretty looking cake. he is adorable

  2. Your little guy is so handsome and seem like such a happy baby! As for your cake it looks wonderful and sounds even better. That filling...YUM!

    Btw, do you eat any of the things you bake? You don't look like it! :) Yup, I'm jealous!

  3. believe me i EAT more then i should... then i run my butt off so i can stuff my face some more!


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