fat bottom

fat bottom

Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas cupcakes for the kiddies

happy holidays everyone!
here are some cupcakes i made for the little guys christmas party... i was up in the air about what design i wanted to do... there are so many possibilities for christmas themed cupcakes and desserts... originally i had this really cute design for snowman cupcakes and was super excited to try it out, but then because the littlest guy is going through some serious teething i wasn't able to get as festive as i wanted... so i had to kept it pretty simple...
now i'm not a huge fan of over dying frosting... it makes me nervous to say the least... for one, i feel like i can taste the dye (yuck)... two, if it food coloring can dye your fingers so easily, what about your insides (gross)... and three, i like the simple classic looking frosting... no neon colors for me...
so when it came to coloring some of the frosting red for the candy cane stripe, i was a little hesitant... so, as you can tell from the pictures, they are more like a subtle red... kind of like those hard candy peppermint mints you grab out of a wicker basket when you're leaving a diner...
i used a deliciously simple vanilla cake which i love for the cake... i love the way this recipe bakes up... the tops of the cupcakes kind of caramelize and get just a little crunchy... and i used a vanilla buttercream creamcheese frosting... simple and delightful...

here's the little guy with st. nick... i think he asked santa for just about everything you could possibly think of... uh oh!
happy baking everyone... and have an even happier holiday season!


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  2. Bet the kids were thrilled those. They're adorable. And EW, never thought about the food coloring that way.

  3. Yea the cupcakes went lickety-split! And yea, too much food coloring is just not my thing, I don't mind pastels but the crazy neon bright stuff freaks me out!


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