fat bottom

fat bottom

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cookie cakes :)

hey everyone... just got back from a wonderful vacation... did you miss me?? i missed my kitchen... and my bed... but honestly other than that, i wish i could be back in our beachfront cottage right now... it truly was a great time, full of family, drinks, laughs, sun and surf...

well, yesterday i jumped right back into baking, with two orders... 2 cookie cakes.. 1 single layer and 1 triple layer sandwiched cookie cake... mmmm....

i used my goto chocolate chip recipe by the fabulous dorie greenspan, and the only thing i did differently is i lowered the oven temp by 25 degrees... oh, and i baked the layers in a spring form pan... the layers baked up perfect... crispy on the outside and still soft and chewy on the inside... plus that added goodness of vanilla butter cream...

this cake was for one of my neighbors, and a heck of a football stud, josh :)

i was happy to bake this monster for him for his birthday... i'm sure going to miss him, his wifey morgan (i'm really going to miss her), and their two adorable boys when we move in a few weeks... whaaaaaa... i don't wanna move...

thanks for being wonderful neighbors and friends to me, the hubs and my boys... <3

and here is the other one... a lovely one layer cookie cake... hope it was a sweet surprise for shannon... happy birthday :)

happy birthday josh and shannon... and as always... happy baking everyone :)

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