fat bottom

fat bottom

Thursday, July 21, 2011

happy 6th birthday to my amazing JACK!

i just wanted to share with you some pictures from my biggest little guy, jacks' 6th birthday... i cannot believe how quickly time has gone... it seems like only yesterday i was swaddling him in blankets at the hospital (well trying to at least... he was a wiggler who couldn't wait to stretch his legs once out of the belly)...

jack has taught me more about myself then i ever thought possible... he changed my life when he came into my arms 6 years ago... and he continues to amaze me everyday since...

happy birthday my little man... mommy loves you...

what a serious pirate, huh?
arrrggg... it's pirate jack!
here's the fondant showpiece cake i made for him... he said it was just what he wanted... tattoo, sword, map and all...

some of the birthday spread...

yummy vanilla bean cupcakes...

and here are just a few other pictures... enjoy :)

jack was so excited to get a package from daddy :)

waiting "patiently" to open his mountain of presents :)

finally... it was present time...

ben was feeling a bit blue about not being able to open the presents :(

on the phone long distance with daddy... thanks to the hubs for making this birthday even more special... love you so :)

the fierce pirate duo, the Perkins brothers!!! Jack Tucker and Benjamin Scout :)

that ol' drooling scallywag benjamin :)

aaaarrrrggggggggggg! silly pirate faces!!
happy 6th birthday jack tucker... i love you so :)

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