fat bottom

fat bottom

Monday, July 16, 2012

did i forget to mention...

i don't know if i mentioned to you all that i am guest blogging on my amazing and talented sisters blog "jeans and tees and travel and cakes" every friday... well, i try and post every friday... my sister has an amazing lifestlye blog that i sure to motivate you and make you smile... plus she does some awesome giveaways, like really awesome giveaways every lady would love... and stay tuned, because soon we will be teaming up for one hell'uva giveaway...

and also,  a while back i sent in a submission video for cupcake wars... it's not like the typical submission videos that you'll find on youtube, but you know what... it's just me being me... so, below you'll find a link to the audition... and ps... i don't apologize for my corniness!!

 so if you haven't already checked it out, go ahead and click on the link...

heres a few of the things i've posted on her blog... enjoy :)

here's a link to my

have a great monday... and as always, happy baking everyone

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