fat bottom

fat bottom

Monday, July 9, 2012

a weekend roundup :)

hey everyone... i hope you all are enjoying a wonderful monday afternoon... here's a quick post about my holiday weekend (well week) in new york... it was an amazing week filled with family, friends, birthday parties, a delicious couples dinner in nyc, and just lots of laughs and new memories... enjoy the pictures!!

we celebrated a cute little boys first birthday, my adorable nephew william beckett... he is our family's little firecracker, born on the 4th of july

the adorable birthday boy

here's ben, he likes to party :)
here's me and the hubs enjoying a fabulous couples dinner at the standard in nyc
me and my sisters, meghan and lia
the in-laws... the hubs, lia and kyle
 me and my fabulous cousin jamie
 my little ben and his cousin mackenzie
 my two goof balls
 and me and my sister, meggie

until next time... have an amazing day

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