fat bottom

fat bottom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lets celebrate with more cake!

this past weekend my parents and my sister came on down here to cape may, where my sister and my hubs were going to run the ocean drive 10 miler and marathon... so in celebration of them going out to do something so amazing, i decided to make a celebration cake...

i made a buttery vanilla cake, filled it with a Kahlua marscapone cream, and topped that with yummy ripe bananas... mmm... and then i made a sweet and light stabilized whipped cream to cover the cake with... sooooo good.... and what makes a celebration cake look even more celebratory... confetti sprinkles...
the cake's a little uneven... but i wasn't going for perfection... i was going for yumminess...

and here they are... my sister and my hubby coming into mile 10... they looked like they were enjoying themselves...
going up the ramp to the north wildwood boardwalk...

and here's the hubby coming across the finish of his first marathon at an unbelievable time of 3hrs and 38 minutes, placed 106 out of 606 people... whoo hoooo... not bad for his first marathon!
and here they are at the finish... my sister placed third in her age group for the 10 miler, and there's the hubs again with his marathon medal...
congrats guys... and happy baking!


  1. Love the cake! Need the recipe...I'm looking for a great but not too sweet yellow butter cake. :)

    Congrats to both your sister and hubs! Great job!

    Happy Easter or Spring if you don't celebrate it!

  2. This cake looks amazing! You have to share the recipe! :)


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