fat bottom

fat bottom

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a sweet happy 10th birthday to erin!

now let me ask you this question... how sweet would it have been when you were 10 if you had a "chocolate spa" themed birthday party... i mean come on! that's just awesome! well, it just so happens that this little cutie named erin did that for her birthday... the house was decked out in pinks and browns (the theme colors), they had facials, did their nails and got all girl-ified... and of course, there was lots of chocolate involved...
and lucky me, i was asked to make her cupcakes... and like every girl, erin knew exactly what she wanted... and here they are... chocolate cupcakes with rich chocolate frosting! and i think they came out beautiful... cute, girly and just plain fun...

happy birthday erin! and happy baking everyone!

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