fat bottom

fat bottom

Friday, June 11, 2010

a bit on the so-called healthier side...

so, you may have heard me mention once or twice that my hubs is always asking for baked goods that are more on the lighter, healthier side... so, like a good wifey i try and please... you know, like how he wanted a peach cobbler for his birthday and he got a cake, and a blueberry- strawberry galette instead... you can see how accommodating i am to his needs... ha ha... :)
so... as i was saying... he was craving something tasty yet healthy... so since i had some perfectly ripe bananas and a surplus of brown sugar hanging about i decided to make banana-oat crunch muffins... with a crumb topping... the result was a tasty blend of moist banana bread with a cinnamon-nutmeg oat crunch, with hidden pockets of brown sugar... it was awesome...
i used a banana cupcake/muffin recipe i always use, except i got a bit fancy... i made a blend of quick rolled oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, melted butter, and flour (i don't have an exact measurement for you, because i just eyeballed it to my own liking) to make the crumb topping, but i also folded some of it into the muffin itself... every bite was just yummy...
i don't know if you'd call it "healthy" but i guess if it's not smothered in frosting and gooey caramel, it's as healthy as it gets around here... :)

happy and healthy baking everyone!

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  1. LOL, I like your healthy recipes. I made some 'nana muffins the other day but they weren't as healthy as yours. :)

    Happy Friday!


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